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Re: Do you have Predominantly Inattentive Subtype ADD, too?

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I also found this site by accident. I found the PBS show flipping channels in the middle of the night–which is one of my problems. I stay up late every night. After taking the online test, I realized that I tend to be the inattentive subtype as well, although as a child, I could be pretty hyperactive, usually talking (which is still one way it presents itself, especially if I’m anxious). I think I like to be up late when everyone else is sleeping because there are so few distractions. It’s quiet. I have the world to myself. No phone calls. No demands. Add to that a natural body clock that tends to be late day, and it’s a recipe for failure to succeed in the “real world.” I always said if I could just sleep between 2 AM and 10 AM, that would be perfect. But like I said, the rest of the world doesn’t operate on that schedule, so I end up trying to exist on 3-5 hours of sleep.

Well, it’s catching up with me. Even though I’m medicated, I think the Adderall I take is just making up for the lack of sleep and not really helping my ADD. I’m just where I would be unmedicated with slightly more sleep. I didn’t take any Adderall yesterday and I realized how much it masks how tired I am. Then today, I ended up sleeping in until after 2:00 PM. Now, probably tonight, it will be even more difficult to go to sleep at a “normal” time.

I’m a real estate agent, so I don’t have set hours I have to be at work. The only problem is, if I want to do my job right, I still need to be “on the job” around 9 AM. Today there were things I needed to take care of, and now I’m going to be way behind. Sitting here posting on this forum isn’t helping that, I know, but I’m feeling really overwhelmed and I was hoping by posting here, I could feel like I had someone who might understand what it’s like.

I need a coach. I know I need a coach. But, I don’t have any way to pay for one because my husband, who is a contractor, and I are self-employed. Given the two industries we’re in, you can see how we would be short on funds at the momment. And health insurance, forget that! We haven’t had that for years! (Even when I did, it didn’t pay for coaching.) My hope when I went into real estate 4 years ago, was to bring in more money, but if course, the real estate market didn’t pick up like everyone hoped.

And pworthy, depression is a part of it. I’ve been on Welbutrin for years. My son tried to tell me he didn’t think my problem was ADD, but depression and anxiety .But, I know the reason I have depression and anxiety is because of the ADD. I’ve spent most days of my life as far back as I can remember feeling overwhelmed and one step behind the rest of the world. I find myself screaming inside, “I just want to be normal!” It’s horrible that the simplest everyday tasks take on monumental difficulty because of this. Everything I have to do takes more time. I used to get so sick of hearing teachers in school say, “You have so much potential, if you could only get organized and get more done.” Decades later I’m saying that to myself. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Well, the day isn’t getting any younger. I need to go actually do something productive. If anyone knows a way to find get some ADD coaching that’s free, please let me know. I really could use some help.