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It really depends. You’ve lived with it for this long – is it affecting your work or are you able to function normally? I found that I was often going off on a tangent during work teleconference calls. Or my mind would cloud up with so many thoughts at once that often I became stuck. And of course, the inability to focus has meant that many of my projects are often late.

So I made the decision to tell my boss. She was great, and very supportive, which was a bonus for me. (I kind of suspected she would be, so I wasn’t too surprised). Just in case, though I asked her what her thoughts were on ADHD prior to telling her. Just wanted to be safe. If she had said “oh it’s not real; it’s just a fad” I probably wouldn’t have told her. That would have brought my blood pressure up.

I actually described the conversation I had with her. You can find it in “The Workplace” forum here on this site. It’s called “Just Told My New Boss”.

Hope this helps. Good luck.