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Re: Do you (try to) use a wallet?

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Interesting. A long time ago I used to be just like this. Lost my keys so many times, and my wallet, and everything else one is supposed to keep with one when leaving home. The keys thing was so bad when I was still in high school I OFTEN got into the house at the end of the day (my parents always worked late), I would get in by opening a basement window by sticking my arm through the make-shift pet door my dad and I made.

I’m totally OBSESSIVE about my wallet, keys, coffee mug, gloves, and whatnot I need to have with me whenever I go out. It’s a rather short list of things that are ALWAYS in there place, and ALWAYS organized. It has to be a short list, because I can’t handle any more than that, but I totally FREAK if the things on the list can’t be found.