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Re: Do you (try to) use a wallet?

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I used to be pretty bad about putting cash, cards etc. in my pants pocket instead of a wallet or purse. One night I went out with my girls wearing jeans that were a little snug, and when I sat down my ID snapped in half! Not to mention all the times I’ve ordered a replacement for a lost ATM card only to find the old one in the hamper or washing machine the next day, or in my coat pocket the following winter. So putting stuff like that in my pockets has gotten old.

Now I carry a good-sized purse with lots of little compartments to organize differently-sized stuff. There’s a big zip pocket in the middle which is great for hiding personal stuff. (My old purse was open-topped and my son was always reaching in and throwing my feminine products across the room, especially in public. Gotta love toddlers!) Inside I have a brightly-colored wallet that’s easy to spot while rummaging through all the unnecessary crap I haul around. The wallet is long enough that I don’t have to fold receipts and bills (not that I carry much cash these days), there are enough pockets for my cards and it snaps shut securely so important things don’t fall out. Best part, it only cost about $5. Love it!

My keychain has lots of little cards and a flashlight on there so it’s not going in my pocket. It’s always either in my purse, looped around my wrist or hanging on its hook in the kitchen. The only essential thing I ever put in my pocket is my cell phone, because if I feel it next to my hip while I’m driving or walking I know I have it. And if I misplace it I can call it from the landline.

Also I’ve learned not to leave stores and other places of business in too big of a hurry. Before I walk out I make sure my money and cards are put away and my keys are in my hand. Otherwise I drop my card or cash on the floor, or I’m standing next to my car frantically trying to find the keys in the heat, cold, rain, snow, dark etc.