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Re: Do you (try to) use a wallet?

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Awesome Nellie…

I too have the zip-loc strategy. Except I don’t carry it with me. I have it in the kitchen drawer, below the spot on the counter where I used to keep the PILE of receipts. I mark it with the date it is started and then add the date it is full… yes, just a month to month would be prefect, I’m on my way there. And I haven’t got to the shoebox yet, I still have baggies strewn around, but that is the next step. I empty my wallet, pockets, purse into this bag once a day on a good week, once a week on a bad one. But, it’s getting done.

As far as a wallet goes I carry a card holder only. It’s a pretty little leather card holder my sis brought from Denmark so can’t tell you where to get one, suffice to say they have great design over there. Three slots on either side with one windowed slot for my license. If I’m lucky I stuff a bill of some sort into one of them.

In my purse, I’ve recently bought a purse pocket organizer thingy from Coconut Creek (Canada). I can easity just pull this out and transfer it to a different bag, backpack, purse whenever I need to… awesome! And with my little credit card holder, I can either keep it in the assigned pocket in this organizer or I can go bag free and pocket it. Loving this.

Another thing I’ve done in the past that helped was having a receipt jar at the door… similar to a key bowl that has kept me from losing my keys for years. I have used a pretty pottery kleenex box cover on a small tray. It is nice enough to leave out and hides the pile of receipts. But, the baggies are best for jumping ahead and having them organized all in one step.

I still occasionally leave out my debit card… in my pocket, car console, by the computer… but overall, it’s much better than it was.