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Re: Do you (try to) use a wallet?

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Hahahaha Presto! I LOVE YOUR MAN PURSE! YOUR MURSE! Thats the kind of stuff I would have in mine too. My little adventure bag!

I dont have a wallet. I keep my drivers license and bank card in my right hand pocket on my jacket and thats it. If they are not there they are lost. I lost them ALL the time. And my keys. One month it cost me close to $300 for a locksmith for locking my keys in my car. My husband made some spares and I lost them too… So he made more and gave one to who ever was with me. Eventually he hid one on my car and im glad he did. Saved me a lot!

Recently Ive been wishing that I had something. I once had a purse, lost it the same day. Just wasnt used to it. It didnt fall into my “checks” I always do pocket checks and keep the sames things in the same pockets. I want some sort of bag that I can use to go out in, to work with, so I dont have to have a different one for each occasion. I was thinking of calling it my “life bag”. Keep all my ID in it, gum, some tissues, things that would be handy! But im so afraid that Ill lose it, I dont even bother! I would be very nice… Im running out of pocket room!