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Re: Do you (try to) use a wallet?

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i have a wallet. its jammed so full of assorted crap that it doesn’t ever close. i have an accompanying lady-bag too- with the same issue. everything from camera battery chargers to fuzzy peach sweeties to a little family of safety pins and about 10 ikea pencils lives in it, cos its the one thing that i know where it is at all times (cos its always hanging off me- i daren’t let it go as my sanity would leave with it).

i consciously don’t wear clothes with decent pocketry- cos if i do, they’re rapidly full of a stack of neatly folded tissues, bent paperclips made into abstract masterpieces, over-twiddled with drinking straws, empty crisp packets folded into triangles, shiny drinkcan ringpulls, collected lids from jones soda bottles (they have a fortune in them!) bus ticket transfers, etc- and then its hard to sit down.

every few months when i really can’t close anything bagwise, and have long since upgraded to keeping my overflowing purse inside a reusable grocery bag, we have an official bag-content amnesty, at which point the bf gently but firmly coaxes me into liberating my plastic chipbag triangles and old bus tickets into the recycling bin, and putting whatever by way of cutlery, scrap paper covered in important notes, paint chips from the DIY store, etc has made its way into the abyss back where it came from- for the good of everyone. its hard.

the only stuff i really manage to weed out by myself is pennies- i frequently liberate them to the centre console drink holder in the car, and from there they magically disapear- with much accompanying grumbling from the longsuffering bf- who i beleive is responsible for their liberation.