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Re: Do you (try to) use a wallet?

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i have a wallet that isn’t really a wallet. it’s an old zip disk holder – square, canvas and zippered, got it in the univ of waterloo bookstore on a whim about 14? years ago. tough as nails ( i hope i don’t jinx it!!!!!) it carries my passport, stacks of credit/store/id cards, some spare change and a pencil from lee valley. oh, and stacks of receipts. i’d like to say i clean it out frequently, but i JUST did it last month only to discover that i shop at the same places every year on vacation….because i had 2 years of them in there. attached to this “wallet” is a lanyard that i can use to hang it around my neck (which i don’t unless i have to, ow) but it gives it a sort of leash that i can loop onto things – my wrist, shopping cart, shopping bag, doorknob of front door….it will fit into a coat pocket, so in winter it lives in the coat.

this is the ONLY wallet-like thing that has ever worked for me. i think it’s the combo of being relatively small (about 8cm/3.5in square) and not having any organization built into it.

and yes, my pockets accumulate “stuff” :) i use it to make those hidden things jars with the rice in them…..find the interesting stuff in the rice by looking thru the side…but not folded up straws (which i take from EVERY restaurant i eat in. no idea why.)