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Re: Do you (try to) use a wallet?

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It took me several years to use a wallet with any sort of regularity. I didn’t have one for a while and got sick of calling VISA to have them issue a new card or put a hold on it while I located the wayward card. With my debit card I stopped looking after 5 minutes, spent 15 minutes getting to the bank and 5 more having a card reissued. I’d walk out of the bank with a new debit card. There was about 2 years where I was getting a new debit card every 3-6 months. I think I’ve now had my current one for over a year!

I still whip out the bus pass to leave in my coat pocket for rapid access while waiting for the bus. I cram it into some unknown spot after I swipe my pass. When I try to get home I have to spend a bit of time scrambling through the various bits in my purse, gear-bag, backpack or any combination thereof.

My wallet collects a terrible number of receipts (I try to not take them now since. All my banking is online and I use my debit card for 98% of purchases), when it can no longer close, they move to a random pocket in my bag and when that is heaping there is a drawer in my one dresser that will have to soon be cleaned out. I keep meaning to buy a paper shredder but you know how it goes.