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Re: Do you (try to) use a wallet?

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Yes, I use a wallet. For many years I resisted using a purse, because I would forget it places, but finally I started carrying one too. As long as I can find my purse, I tend to be good to go. Unless I bought something online with my credit card, in which case I will probably leave my wallet next to the computer, and not realize it until I try to buy something.

My fiance (who hasn’t been formally diagnosed, but scored really high on the test here) carries a wallet, but doesn’t tend to use it. He ends up with random bills in all of his pockets. Laundry day is like a windfall, and when he puts on a coat after not wearing it for a season, he inevidably finds $20 – $40 in the pockets.

*makes a mental note not to invite anyone from this board over, now that she has revealled this* ;)