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I’m on Adderall so I different med but give yourself some time. I was so excited to get on meds that when I first took them I expected some great elaborate thing to happen. I did this while at work on a tight deadline. Not the smartest choice. LoL

Just remember everyone responds differently. And it took me a while to adjust. I’m still wondering for myself if Straterra may work better since this was one of the choices offered. I may try it at the end of this month. I also noticed the adderall made me more aware of how tired I was. at first I thought it may have been a side effect.

So just be patient. Hard as that is sometimes. My suggestion would be to track what happens and see what you notice as far as getting focus and things accomplished. For a while I didn’t really know if the adderall was doing anything. Then I stopped for a while and realized I was crossing more things off the to do list while on it. I also take generic Citalapram as well.