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Re: Does testosterone level magnify ADHD symptoms

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Well, if it’s low testosterone, then that may account for your depression, as well, I’d think.

Have you also had your thyroid checked? I don’t know about men, but that can do a lot to women. As for men, though, I was told about a guy this week, who had erection problems because of his thyroid. So I guess thyroid affecting all sorts of things in men, like it does in women, might make sense.

As for hormones, I know that during menstruation, and especially during pregnancy, my ADHD changes. Somebody else said their ADHD got worse during menopause. Great. Something else to look forward to. It wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to think it might change for men at different times, depending on hormone levels, including testosterone and estrogen (men have that, too).

Stress really has an effect on my ADHD, more than any other factor. If I’m under a lot of stress, it gets drastically worse, to the point of unmanageable, even with meds.

Also, don’t expect too much from your meds. I know I’ve said it a lot here, but for me, my meds just clear the fog. They don’t automatically make me more productive, or able to focus on every little thing. Even normal people don’t have the ability to focus on every single little thing that comes across their path. So don’t think meds will fix everything. They are great for a little boost, but aren’t a miracle, by any means.

You know, I really am interested in what you hear about this. Post an update, when you’ve checked it all out, will ya?