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Does testosterone level magnify ADHD symptoms

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    Im 55 and was diagnosed with Adhd 2 yrs ago. All my life Ive been diagnosed with dysthymia (cronic low level depression).

    Knowing that I have Add, answered so many things,that I experienced in my life.

    Before knowing that I had Add, I totally excepted my life as someone who had dysthymia.

    But 4 or 5 yrs ago my ability to concentrate and stay focused was slowly getting worse. I noticed that time seem to be going faster. It was like I couldnt stay in the here and now moment, because my concentration wouldnt let me. My sence of time seem to change.

    This is how I found out I had Add.

    I wanted my life to get back to the way it was 4 or 5 yrs ago and felt hopeful because of the treatments and medications for Add.

    After 2 yrs being on 5 different Add medications I have only some minor improvements in concentration and focus.

    A friend asked me if I had my testosterone level checked. My friend has low testosterone and is being treated for it. He really noticed an improvement in concentration and focus.

    I made an appointment with my doctor next week to get my testosterone level checked.

    I have had an account in this forum for over a year and have not heard this discussed before.

    Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


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    Hi Catqua,

    It’s possible. I have read a lot of books on the subject, and I haven’t found any mention of T levels. Which is to say if anyone wrote about it, I missed it (Hello! ADD here :) )

    I think if we generalize: The women on this forum, that experience heightened symptoms of ADD, have minimal testosterone levels. So that isn’t a primary cause for increased symptoms.

    For ADD it is all about Dopamine. Anything that interferes with Dopamine production and uptake, will have an effect. A quick search on the net, didn’t yield any scientific papers on the subject.

    It could be that what you and your doctor interpreted as ADD like symptoms are low T.

    Bad news: you may still have ADD. Good news: It might not be as bad as you think

    This is an interesting line of thought! I will have something else to prowl the UW medical library.


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    Well, if it’s low testosterone, then that may account for your depression, as well, I’d think.

    Have you also had your thyroid checked? I don’t know about men, but that can do a lot to women. As for men, though, I was told about a guy this week, who had erection problems because of his thyroid. So I guess thyroid affecting all sorts of things in men, like it does in women, might make sense.

    As for hormones, I know that during menstruation, and especially during pregnancy, my ADHD changes. Somebody else said their ADHD got worse during menopause. Great. Something else to look forward to. It wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to think it might change for men at different times, depending on hormone levels, including testosterone and estrogen (men have that, too).

    Stress really has an effect on my ADHD, more than any other factor. If I’m under a lot of stress, it gets drastically worse, to the point of unmanageable, even with meds.

    Also, don’t expect too much from your meds. I know I’ve said it a lot here, but for me, my meds just clear the fog. They don’t automatically make me more productive, or able to focus on every little thing. Even normal people don’t have the ability to focus on every single little thing that comes across their path. So don’t think meds will fix everything. They are great for a little boost, but aren’t a miracle, by any means.

    You know, I really am interested in what you hear about this. Post an update, when you’ve checked it all out, will ya?


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    Oh, and totally agree with shutterbug. That would be cool if all the symptoms weren’t ADHD at all, and just low testosterone, or whatever. Seriously, keep us posted!


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    I’ve heard that it’s a really inexpensive test to get done. Just a little bit of lab work. I’ve thought about asking my doctor to check mine. But I keep forgetting!. lol.

    I gotta tell ya, the stuff (testosterone) may have been the driving force in many of my adrenaline junkie behaviors, and possibly addictions of the past. As we get older I think it’s natural for us to produce less. Maybe getting testosterone treatment is helpful for some men. But have you seen the commercials for the low T treatment?. The stuff that comes in a topical cream?. The list of possible side effects, especially exposure of this topical cream to kids, or any of your family can really whack them out!.

    I’m just saying, proceed with caution. I’m not against medication, obviously, but it’s also true that many doctors have been guilty of reaching for the prescription pad much too quickly. I’ve seen that myself even from very good doctors. The pressure they are under, the endless suffering they are faced with and the temptation to “fix” every problem with chemicals must be overwhelming. I’m not sure I would get treatment if I did find I have “low T”. Just like ADHD, learning to live with it is more of the solution than fixing the chemistry. It also depends on how out of whack the chemistry is. I’ve been thinking about cutting back on my ritalin for over a week. Stopping, or cutting back on the wellbutrin I take is not an option. I know I have to take that one. Only time will tell if I still need to keep taking the ritalin. I haven’t taken it today. N I just remembered to take my second dose of wellbutrin. Only about an hour n a half late… :-)

    It will be interesting to see how this affects ADHD. And if it does affect it at all. Keep us up to date, okay?


    PS I just decided to take my ritalin. I don’t know why but I just don’t want to!… I haven’t struggled with reading or writing today. My main goal, or a big part of it was being able to increase my reading comprehension. My ability to listen, and how well I remember what I just heard, just read, etc. Faith in neuroplasticity is a huge advantage that I have. As well as my faith in Spirituality. Faith does not make me superior in any way. It’s just fortunate.

    I really like to read, and I enjoy reading much more these days. I’m sure I got better at these things because the ritalin gave me kind of a head start. A boost in the right direction. But it was the work of reading, writing, editing what I write, that has caused permanent changes in my brain structure. Understanding the science of ADHD is a big part too.

    Only time will tell us in the long run… I feel like the clock on the wall is not the enemy any more. What a freakin relief!!!.. I still can’t bring myself to wear a watch though. Watches are probably over rated huh?.

    I didn’t even edit this post in a word processor. I CAN SPELL


    IT’S A MIRACLE, I CAN SPELL :-) ***chuckling like a fool***

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