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Re: Dopamine Theta & Balancing Act Questions

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OK, let me weigh in on this. ADHD has a genetic propensity in about 79% penetrance. It is highly heritable, even more heritable than schizophrenia, asthma or breast cancer. Remember height is about 93% so ADHD genetics is very important. Unfortunately, there has to be more than one gene regulating the condition otherwise all ADHD people would be exactly the same like kids like Turner’s syndrome, or most cases of Down’s Syndrome etc. There is some heterogeneity in ADHD people. There are differences.

Soooo, the gene regulates the structure of the brain which regulates the flow of neurochemicals which influences behavior. BUT, the environment amplifies or suppresses the predisposition. Living in a hostile, loud, negative family will amplify ADHD even if your symptoms were mild, it makes it much worse.

ADHD people, for the most part, are built different. But no one said that different was bad…….

Now, with regard to brain wave function…there is no clear evidence that brain waves, specifically theta waves are the basis of ADHD. They may be related to a component of the ADHD profile like attention but not to the entire syndrome. Even in that case, there is little evidence to support the possibility that neurofeedback works. The literature that shows that it is effective, for the most part, has been published in their own association journals. That is not scientific peer review because they have a vested interest to support the conclusions. But the good news is that it doesn’t hurt you, except your wallet.