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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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I did a speech a while back at the Univesity of Regina. It was on ADHD and creativity. It was supposed to run 50 minutes, and then I would take questions.

I had it all laid out on a power point.

And I spoke for over 2 hours!

Everyone was almost late for the dinner banquet.

What was missing was a timer. Usually I have a large Digital stopwatch, like an egg timer. You can buy smaller ones to put on your agenda when you’re leading a meeting.

Another trick to avoid overwhelm is to ask someone to be a time keeper. Or even hand out the agenda, with approximate times for each item, and ask someone who isn’t embarrassed about interrupting, to be the time keeper.

I think with ADHD we often want to do everything ourselves. After all, it can be fun, and we don’t have to trust anyone else. Since we often feel that we can’t be trusted (Cause we’re always late or behind or making mistakes) we have trouble trusting others. But just giving people roles in a process means less stress on you, and it means they are more engaged as well. They are now part of the process. (And psychologically, asking someone to do you a small favour will have them like you more. More than doing a favour for them! Weird eh?)