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this post has me intrigued for a few reasons.

1) i recently got out of a long relationship that ended for reasons similar to this. it was all highs and a sparse lows, but the last few peaks and valleys were too much for either of us (read: me) to fix. it used to be where a low would be fine the next day because she was (so i think/thought) relatively understanding. its been several months and i still can’t figure out whether or not it was me or her. she says it was her (and this is honestly the first time i ever questioned her honesty). without trying to toot my own horn, it had to have been her because (coming from someone with adhd) i had never invested as much time, energy, money, emotional energy, etc on any one thing, let alone a person. that said, i noticed how long ago this was posted and i hope things have worked out since. i know how it feels to be hanging in the balance like that and its not fun. :/

2) i just graduated college (!!) and am currently living with my parents as most graduates do these days. if i could move out, i would in a heartbeat because this is eeeeveryday for me. its beyond taxing. the worst part is because i was diagnosed while i was in college and this is the first time they’ve seen my “adult” habits (or lack thereof), they think this is the person i’ve become, yell, scold, threaten to kick me out, and the like. it makes the depression from 1) even worse.

i can totally relate to how you must feel and if you have learned anything over the course of the past month (aside from the other posts, of course), i’d love to hear some of the advice you followed.