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oh and @ corellamus

“Have i done those in my late ex-relationship… well i certainly did it in the first year.. maybe even second.. but after that i certainly realized that getting truths everryday and in the sense of “You aint but worthless bum (in ones mind it truned so)” i couldn’t but lash back or try to be hard.. really hard in spirit so that i could keep myself intact..”

im not sure exactly what you’re trying to say, but I think you’re saying that it was in her opinion that you were doing X?

i can’t speak for the exact situation, but as i mentioned in the previous post, I had a similar peak and valley thing with my ex as well..as we approached the valley, something similar happened (but supposedly wasn’t the direct cause) that caused my ex to want to take a break (read: break up) – she claimed X to be true, but I wasn’t seeing it. in fact, i went to a mutual friend (her friend first, too! so bias wasn’t in my favor) and he seemed to agree that it wasn’t the case.

i’m wondering if its something with having adhd..is it the frustration of dealing with someone with it? i was diagnosed AFTER we were together for over a year, so perhaps it was the “title” of having the disorder?

or perhaps its just women ;)

but seriously, any insight on this and how to deal with the OP’s question would be great.