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I’m feeling pretty down. Went to see the ADHD Dr to get a diagnose I know I have it it runs in the family. He wanted to talk to my mother and I got upset because my mother who has adhad herself was never home working all the time and we ran the roads.My mother never talk to the school teachers and back then they were aloud to hit you if you didn’t sit still . So I found three report cards and one just mentioned behavoir problem. But I would get the strap and it wouldn’t be on my report or they didn’t phone home. We moved all the time the work I did education wise was on my own like my reading problems. We would move all over Canada in a school year. The Dr is just looking at my school year but I left home at 14 going on 15. It isn’t like today when a kid has a problem the parents were notived. Back then the teacher’s took control over the kid. And believe me at times I would hide my hands from getting the strap bacause it ment maybe the strap again. I’m 53 and finaly taking a drug for this feeling pretty good the one Dr put me on the other Dr wants testing and he won’t put it through unless the report cards indiacate a problem. I’m worried this is the first time in my life I stayed home for four days beause I’m not has hyper. I’m seeing that maybe I can make something out of myself. But if this Dr dosn’t see behavorial on the report card the meds might be taken away. all the confussion will come back.