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I’m 32 and Canadian, so insurance and medical help is not an issue. Can’t help you there, sorry. But, I feel like I would be in your situation if it was not for working in a family business where my behaviour/symptoms are tolerated. I have moments of genius, but my self esteem has been completely shattered by being told I’m lazy and useless all my life. Barely made it through University. I was diagnosed with ADHD in my mid twenties, and the meds (if and when i stay on them) have been life altering. I’m no doctor but your anxiety and depression is most definitely brought on or worsened by the ADHD. I think you’ll come to notice through this forum that most people don’t really grow out of ADHD, just learn to ignore it better as they get older. Were you clinically diagnosed as a child? Do you have any records in proving so as you may not need to be re-diagnosed.

I would do what ever it takes to get some treatment!! Even though the medications are stimulants, it actually diverted my attention away from the anxiety. Run a bottle drive or something. But whatever you do, don’t sink into your couch and give up on life – you never know what will come around the corner. As an ADDer, excepting your past should be easy if you can get involved in some kind of support community. This site is a great place to start brother!!