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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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The money thing… Once I went to buy a bottle of fruit juice and some peanuts, paid for it and the cashier gave me back about 15$ more or less in change. I was sure I had given her a 10$ to pay so I assumed she made a mistake and gave her back a 10$. She looked at me as though she thought I was weird or something but took the 10$, and I left. Then, on my way to the office I began to think that maybe I DID pay with a 20$ bill! I was too ashamed to go back. She really would have categorised me as a weirdo! Ha ha ha, I chose to simply think of it as her having a lucky day. :-)

I try to pay attention now when I pay for something. Although, it happened again recently… when I got the change I wasn’t sure with what bill I had paid but finally remembered and the change I got was right! I guess they’ll grow to love me in that place lol.