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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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Realized today for the first time my “favorite” saying. One that I would always say to my clients at every introduction “I am sorry I lost my train of thought” this was usually during the first minutes of meeting someone. I used to be in the service business. One that involved solving peoples problems with nuisance wildlife issues in there home. I would ring there bell and as soon as they opened the door I would start my oh so scripted dissertation and introduction …..then I would look over there shoulder and fixate on a picture on there wall … mumble a few more words then dream about the vacation I would love to be on. You know like the one in the picture on the wall of some tropical island and then finally the client would say “excuse me sir did u here me” then I would say ” I am sorry I lost my train of thought” mean while I would kinda just stare blankly at them and wait for them to kinda start the conversation again as to why I was there at their home at 2:30 in the morning ….Oh yeah Little Brown Bats had enterred there home inadvertently through an open window without a screen and I needed to capture it………

I lost more tools and equipment at peoples homes to,,,,, once I left a squirrel in a cage on someones dinning room table because the lady of the home offered me cookies and milk before she left the home to go to work and I caught that often elusive squirrel in 10 seconds by hand to get the rewards of the “Stimulating” aromatic congradulatory treat.. Well as I sat there my x beeped me on the nextel to advise me about the next emergency stop and how that client was freeking out so I rushed out of there and left the cage with squirrel in it on the dinning room table…

When the husband got home from work he did not even realize the squirrel was there as he instinctively every evening would come home and throw his suit jacket on the table… That day was no exception, he threw it over the cage … It was not until many hours later that the squirrel shredded his 500 dollar coat and used it for bedding in the cage to which his daughter found when she was startled when she came home from school. Thankfully my cage had my emergency phone number on it in big print or they never would have known who to call to come and get it……. Oh the squirrel scratched the heck out of their family heirloom table that was an antique worth tens of thousands of dollars but the homeowner was so apologetic for covering the cage with the coat and felt so embaresed that he always needed to put his jacket there or he would never find his keys and wallet for the next day of work. Yep squirrel was able to tear at his wallet but it could not pull the whole wallet into the cage ohh except the contents …… 155.00 dollars

I offered to give it back to him but he said “keep it as you did get the squirrel”. And the cookies and milk ;) oh and the 155.00 tip the squirrel was able to pull into the cage… I love nature and all the wild things it has to offer…….

Yes! I offered to return the cash but the client was so happy to get rid of the squirrel and the noise the fuzzy fella made trying to chew it’s way out of the home everynight as he tried to sleep 155.00tip + 300.00 emergency service charge was worth it!!!!!