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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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The other day; I was coming home from work with a bag of groceries I had gotten on the way and the mail. Put the grocery bag down to look at the mail and noticed I got my neighbour’s local paper. Now where are my keys? Look in my coat pocket where I always put them… no, not there. Where could they be? I’m looking but can’t find them. Where are my keys? Oh (I suddenly remember) I got my spare key hanging on a hook near the door! Get it, get the paper to the neighbour’s mail box, get back in. Now where are my keys… I need them! Look in my pocket again… yes! They were there the whole time… although I swear they weren’t a moment ago. Now gotta bring the grocery bag to the kitchen. Gee… I’m gonna have to look for those keys! I’ll need them tomorrow or else I’ll panick and be late for work looking for them! Where could they be?…. Oh right….. I found them a minute ago!…… 😆