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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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Hi, I am facing the possibility of ADHD diagnosis. A psychologist suggested my son be tested for it, and in doing research (mostly on the inattentive type which describes him perfectly) I realised that he is my clone, and ADHD does exist in adults. It was actually a relief to find that there could actually be a reason for my huge difficulties coping with many daily activities. So I am now planning to bring up the issue when I take my son in for testing next week.

It was nice to share some great laughs reading through these, as well as the frustrations, and just had to add my own….but by the time I registered for the site I had forgotten what my example was…aaaarrrggghh!!! How typically NORMAL for me. But just went to make a cuppa and remembered that my example was that I often end up filling my coffee cup with sugar instead of the sugar bowl when I notice the sugar in the bowl is running low. How many times can I make the same mistake? Plenty!! And whoever told me to start writing reminder notes and put things in plain sight to remind me to act on them should be shot. I have paper everywhere – covering my noticeboard, the fridge, the kitchen bench, the floor by my bed. And I hate it! How on earth am I supposed to see the one important note for that particular day in amongst all those other important notes?!

Julianna, I have done the autopilot thing. It can be really disconcerting to suddenly realise you have no idea where you actually are and where you are supposed to be going because you have zoned out and autopilot has turned on and taken you on a route you have been on many times (but not always the one you need to be on!)

Lindstr7 I have the same problem with housework. It seems insurmountable. “The mind is willing but the flesh is weak” seems to sum it all up for me. I clean and organise the house over and over in my mind but I get up to do something about it and I just can’t make a start. I have clean laundry everywhere (washing is actually something I like doing, but putting it away is my worst nightmare!!). My fridge is full of things that sprout mould, and my dh and kids have learnt to check expiry dates because items in our pantry could have expired years ago. Clutter litters the house and things in general could do with a good scrub. I hate myself for being unable to deal with it, but it doesn’t change my behaviour. I am hoping that diagnosis and treatment will help put me on the path to improvement, before my marriage breaks down.

I have done DarrylE’s thing of putting items where you fall over them so I remember to act – like putting shopping bags and list on top of my handbag to remind me to shop, or stickytaping notes to the kettle to remind me of something important (as I boil the kettle by habit when I get up, even if I often get distracted before I get to making a cuppa)…..which reminds me, I was making a cuppa when I remembered what I wanted to write here. Huh…..probably gone cold by now, if I even got that far….