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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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I can follow a recipe okay…most of the time…but I get distracted too easily. Like tonight. Came home, boiled the kettle for a cuppa, decided to start dinner so went to turn on the oven, opened the door to find leftovers in there from last week that I had forgotten to put in the fridge, chucked them out, turned on the oven, noticed the dishes piling up so loaded the dishwasher, boiled the kettle again, realised if I didn’t put some laundry on to wash then the wet towels from my daughter’s swimming lesson would start to make everything smell musty, so I did that and went back to boil the kettle, actually put sugar and a tea bag in a cup, poured the water, then realised the oven was on and had been on for over 30 minutes, put some food on an oven tray and into the oven, got out some veg and put in the microwave, oops, my cuppa is going cold on the bench, grab it, sit down, turn on netbook and here I am, hoping I will remember to check the food in the oven before it burns because I have no idea what time I put it in there and forgot to set a timer. Bless the microwave!! It only cooks food as long as you want it cooked, so things don’t burn (except when I mistakenly push the wrong button and set something for 20min instead of 2min!!). But every now and then I find something still in the microwave a day later, that I forgot about once I shut the door! I do better with things I have to stand over to cook, like stirfry, but I find it so boring and tedious it’s hard to get started. One pot cooking helps (slow cooker or microwave), but the pots then sit dirty for endless amounts of time because the dishwasher doesn’t clean them properly so I have to soak them and handwash them. Ha! I always mean to, but never quite get there. And then there’s the matter of putting things into the slow cooker early enough so it will be ready for dinner. Yeah, right!! So not happening!! And one of these days I will learn not to ramble so much….