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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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My DH is really bad for putting food on plate or in microwave and running to do one more thing. I call him the king of the reheat. He reheats things 3 or 4 times before he actually even takes a bite. Holidays are the worst. We no longer wait for him to sit down, now we just eat without him. If you know how long food needs to cook you can actually use the start and stop times on most ovens. I have a water dispenser that dispenses hot water on demand (2 cups at a time) and we use it for hot water. I also bought a Mrs. Tea that brews just like a coffee maker, or in a pinch you can also use the coffee maker and this will keep everything hot until it is ready. I can’t tell you how many times I will be in the middle of making lunch and the phone rings and I come back into the kitchen hours later to find the half finished meal sitting on the counter along with everything that was needed to go into it. I have made breakfast, the phone rings, then I see the time, rush out the door, then I feel a little peckish but remind myself I had breakfast, I can wait until lunch. Then 6 or 7 hours later will get home to find my breakfast still sitting on the counter waiting for me to eat it. No wonder I was hungry and I wanted to eat. 😆

Mental GPS would be a miracle. In the middle of a conversation I will have a thought. Rude to interrupt so I wait my turn. Then finally it is my turn to say something and it is just gone. Or thinking about important things on the couch, get up to actually turn thought into action, get halfway there and realize the thought it gone. I had a Chiropractor appointment. Knew I did when I got up in the morning. Had a different appointment first thing in the morning. Made a mental note on my way home that I had to leave at 11 for my Chiro appt., go home, phone rings and I am sitting chatting when call waiting chimes in. I had missed my Chiro Appt. How do you do that? 😆