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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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Aw yes, the Dr’s Appointment. When I go with DH the doctor talks to me. Because I can sum it up. If I don’t have the list I always forget something. Like another prescription for my allergy meds. I am also tasked to be the memory from the appointment. So when we get home I explain to DH again what the doctor said and what he was supposed to do. I guess that is why the Dr never takes it seriously that I have ADHD. Because he can’t see that there is any problem. With DH he has no trouble believing. My family hates getting on the phone with me because I ramble about a million topics and they can’t keep up. My best friend always reminds me I need to go back to the beginning of the conversation because they couldn’t hear what was going on in my head. I only started out loud in the second paragraph.