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I can relate to BOTH of you…… and I’m the one with the issue of not seeing the nose on my face.

Facial recognition – that’s one of the issues I believe – at least it is for me.

For example, I can meet someone in a meeting, or one-on-one, then the next day pass them in the grocery store and not recognize them, or worse, can’t pick a specific person out of a crowd.

Another thing – “oh, they look so much like their father/mother” – I never see it! A kid can be the spitting image of one of their parents, and I can’t see it.

I can’t even pick our cat out of a group of cats of the same color.

Once our cat got out, and a half a mile away, I saw another orange cat and was SO SURE it was our cat – not even close according to my wife, but I had to get close and take a second look.

So if I know you – but walk right by you in a crowd or in a store – please forgive me – I simply won’t recognize you – I”m NOT trying to ignore you.