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Re: Fairytale to Heart Broken

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Jennifer, I say get him here. Something has got to trigger him to put all the pieces in place. As an ADD husband I had no idea. I see allot of me so far in this post. My Wife had said it was like raising 2 kids. It’s true I won’t deny it. I learned early in life how to get things done. Well mostly how to get others to do for me.

Your Husband really doesn’t know what to do. Our logic and reason is different. I say refuse to sign any papers or anything like that until he starts meds and working on his ADD. Maybe once he get some meds on board and someone outside of you 2 to show him what’s been going on he’ll come around.

I found to that I started focusing on the nagging. I say nagging cause it’s what it feels like. Then we get defensive and blame the Wife.. This ADD’er for one doesn’t blame those who live with us and our ADD for being angry. How many times do you need to ask us to do something… More then once I’m sure. It then goes to blaming the ones we Love for how we feel. I did that. It’s not your fault. I say read p on what all AD/HD is. It’s more then just paying attention. If there’s anything more “sing out!: I for one will be happy to be a sounding boatd or whatere