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Thank you guys for your replies. I have been reading up on the site and it helps to know Im not alone. I would always have said that we had a great marriage and that it was 90% good and 10% work (not bad just stuff that we needed to work on).

What do I love about my husband. He is the sorta guy that will drop everything to help someone out. He loves his kids and has always made an effort with his ex wife and with me to make sure that the kids always came first. He is my best friend. He has this way of making me feel both special and beautiful. We have this connection where we can finish each others sentences and sometime say what the other person is thinking. I love how smart he is – and how hard he works at his job. I love that he loves to travel as much as I do and that he has a very adventurous spirit. I love that he is touchy feely and loves to cuddle, hug and kiss. And sadly I miss all of it. The man I have been dealing with since he announced he was leaving has been insensitive and distant. The harder I try to reach out to him and get him to see that we had a good relationship the harder he pushes me away… I agree he does need to get a good doctor and hopefully a diagnosis and if it doesnt help things with us I would be happy if it helped him for the kids sake and any future relationships he may have….