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Ok. This is my first post on this site; I’m glad I found it. Maybe I’m too late to this thread, and maybe no one will read it, but even if that’s the case, it’s good therapy for me anyhow. I have known for about five years I was add and even had a psych dr. tell me I could be bipolar. I got several other diagnoses that confirmed add though; I took the Rx accurately but I didn’t surround myself with understanding friends or support groups and hoped my wife could love me through it. But I am just coming through what feels like a nightmare- they call it simply divorce, but it’s more like a death in the family. I was married to my high school sweetheart for 18 years and we have 3 young kids that I know I love more than life itself. Sure, I’m depressed. Sure, I wish I had gotten help sooner and had seen all the signs that she was leaving me. Sure, I wish I could hit the “do over” button. But I can’t; she wouldn’t consider any marital counseling, and has been in a rush to get it finalized. I say all this as a warning to those couples out there who are silently suffering, putting on a great charade for family and friends, and are drifting every day toward the cliff and what society would merely term ‘another statistic’, hoping the other would all of a sudden change or meet someone else with it, or find help in a book. Divorce truly kills a part of you, leaving only memories to keep you warm. All I can say is, whether you or your spouse has the illness, they CAN change, and things CAN get better, at least thats what the experts say. But don’t waste any time: fight for your marriage now, for your kids if you have any, as if …you were thrown into an icy lake and starting to drown.