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Re: Famous People With ADD?

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Let’s clear something up. I don’t think anybody runs to a clinician because ADD renders his/her thinking more “diversionary” than “linear.” In fact, if that were all ADD is about, I would think most people would consider it a gift. (Mind you, I suspect there are plenty of non-ADDers who are able to think about things in interesting ways, too.)

People seek help because ADD can have other consequences: a propensity to “zone out” while driving, for example, or the inability to finish necessary tasks, or a tendency towards impulsive behaviors that make life extremely difficult—even dangerous—for ourselves, for those we love, and even occasionally for complete strangers.

I don’t doubt for a second that the world is full of successful ADDers. All it takes is a little luck and somebody to help you stay on task and do the things you’re not good at—like perhaps managing your money. But how much does that matter if you’re lying in the middle of the road with serious injuries, or in some motel room because your spouse can’t deal with your erratic behavior anymore?

Like many others here, I love dancing with ideas. I’ve even managed off and on to make good money with them. But I would gladly trade all that “success” to have a serene mind and healthy soul. (And if you could poll every motorist I’ll pass today on the freeway, I bet they’d “second that emotion.”)