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Hi everyone, Thanks for the list…it’s funny when I read that Bill Clinton had ADHD…I thought alright all is good. I’m so impressed by him. I’ve seen him speak several times and it is very inspiring so to me…I’m comparing my behaviour to his (not the Monica comparision ;-) ) as then I’m comparing myself to another ADDer which is apples to apples and not apples to veggies. So many times we want to be “Normal” and we want to compare ourselves to those who don’t and let me tell you it is a sure way to go crazy. I felt different almost immediately after I went into the website – how to explain that don’t know but I felt confident and excited that someone of his prominence goes through the same thoughts and difficulties that I do. I felt inspired. Thanks for the information

Elizabeth “the next prime minister of Canada”…maybe funny…okay maybe not but fancy me it’s Friday.