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    The sad thing of it is that while we languish away trying to make a living, our potential to be as great, or contribute in a significant way much like the people on the posted lists, we will never be given a chance. (For the most part…)

    How sad…imagine how much of an impact we can have on the world if we were encouraged to use our “gift” in a creative, positive way.

    Every time I pass a grave yard, I ask myself: How many great ideas will never see the light of day…

    There is a popular theory that the ADHD gene has survived because it provided successful hunters all the attributes (hyperawareness, rapid attention shift, etc…) to ensure the survival of the clan or tribe. And I don’t know if we tell ourselves this to feel better, but it sure is hell working for farmer/gatherers.

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    Thank Fearwidg for posting the lists.. Its good to know that from the emotional part of this that we can be anything we want too!!

    There were days when I first was diagosed with Adhd back in the 80’s, comments like your day dreamer and your lazy , from people who didn’t know better, would say these things that you’ll amount to nothing because you can’t finish things. But the reality with the proper meds and surroundings you can amount to being very successful using our “gift” . I think though society still has a negative stigma around people with different abilities. We as a society need to change that.

    I found this on Ellen’s site, Check it out. Its great .. http://ellen.warnerbros.com/videos/?autoplay=true&mediaKey=607024aa-6f96-4d89-bf86-aa5f6f9d35c2.

    #92324 |

    I’m curious to know where you were able to find this info?

    #92325 |

    Hey, Elizabeth – I’ll vote for you. <g>

    ADDled – Yeah, I know about the hunter vs farmer theory. Would go with that, but I love animals (live with a whole whack of cats) & my partner’s a vegetarian, so I opt for the Swan vs Ducks analogy. <g>

    And I agree – can’t work for Farmers/Ducks either (though we REALLY need them to work for us. Hey – someone’s got to do the paper work <g>).

    tinascha – thank you so much for that link. GREAT to see Howie (a fellow Canuck) come out of the closet and admit what “we” knew all along.

    abslt0 – I’ve built this list up over the past 10 years. Started with lists from reputable, online ADD sites. Then – every time I saw/heard something such as the Howie Mandel clip above – where the person THEMSELF admits to ADD – I added their name to the list.

    Please note, as I stated at the outset, that this list contains all the people who’ve gone public over – not just ADD – but all Brain Chemistry Imbalances (though I suspect the vast majority are ADD). But thanks for asking because I believe you should question everything. I’m always saying to the kids I help, “There’s so much bad information out there that, when it comes to ADD – Question everyone – including me. If you want the truth, go find it out for yourself.”

    BTW – if anyone knows someone who’s come out of “the ADD closet” and isn’t on my list please tell me (including source) so I can add them on.

    Also … when I finally do get my movie, “Desperate Swans” made, I plan to contact all living people on this list to make SURE a) they really are ADD, and b) they’re okay having their name on the screen during the final credit sequence. (I imagine the Lawyers would demand that anyway. <g>)

    (Actually … think I’ll hire a “duck” to do that. <vbg>)

    #92326 |

    Okay let’s finish up my list with the last two categories.



    Stuart Adamson (1958-2001) Musician

    Marvin Lee Aday (Meat Loaf) Musician, Actor

    Fiona Apple Musician

    Samuel Barber (1910-1981) Classical Composer

    Syd Barrett Musician

    Harry Belafonte Singer

    Ludwig Van Bethoven Musician, Composer

    Tommy Boyce (1939-1994) Musician, Composer

    Bobby Brown Musician

    Melanie Chisholm Singer

    Rosemary Clooney Singer, Actor

    Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) Musician

    Leonard Cohen Musician, Writer

    Judy Collins Musician, Writer

    Shawn Colvin Musician

    Billy Corgan Musician

    Sheryl Crow Musician Singer

    Ray Davies Musician Singer

    Jonathan Davis Musician, Composer

    Lenny Dee Musician

    Connie Francis Actor, Musician

    Aretha Franklin Singer

    Judy Garland (1922-1969) Singer, Actor

    Stan Getz (1927-1991) Musician

    Maurice Gibb (1949 – 2003) Bee Gees Singer/Musician

    Georg Frideric Handel (1685-1759) Composer

    Hampton Hawes (1928-1977) Musician

    Jimi Hendrix Musician

    Kristin Hersh Musician

    Michael Hutchence Singer

    Phyllis Hyman (1949-1995) Musician, Vocalist

    Jack Irons Musician

    Janet Jackson Singer

    Michael Jackson Singer

    Billy Joel Musician, Composer

    Elton John Musician, Composer

    Daniel Johns Musician

    Daniel Johnston Musician

    Otto Klemperer (1885-1973) Musician, Conductor

    John Lennon (1940-1980) Musician, Composer.

    Paul McCartney Musician, Composer

    Susannah McCorkle (1946-2001) Vocalist, Writer

    A.J. McLean Musician

    Robert Merrill (1924-1998) Musician, Lyricist

    Thelonious Monk (1917-1982) Musician

    Alanis Morissette Musician, Composer, Actor

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Composer

    Stevie Nicks Musician

    Phil Ochs (1940-1976) Musician, Political Activist, Poet

    John Ogden (1937-1989) Composer, Musician

    Sinead O’Connor Musician

    Ozzy Osbourne Musician

    Donny Osmond Musician

    Marie Osmond Musician

    Dolly Parton Musician, Actor, Writer

    Jaco Pastorius (1951-1987) Musician

    Teddy Pendergrass Musician

    Cole Porter (1891-1964) Composer

    Charlie Pride Musician

    Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninov Composer

    Bonnie Raitt Musician

    Lou Reed Musician

    Trent Reznor Musician

    Mac Rebennack (Dr. John) Musician

    Jeanne C. Riley Musician

    Alys Robi Singer

    Axel Rose Musician, Singer

    Martin Rossiter Musician

    Ronnie Scott (d. 1996) Musician

    Robert Schumann Composer, Poet

    Del Shannon (1934-1990) Musician

    Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) Musician

    Carly Simon Singer

    Phil Spector Producer

    Dusty Springfield (1939-1999) Vocalist

    Rick Springfield Musician, Actor

    Teresa Stratas Singer

    Gordon Sumner (Sting) Musician, Composer

    James Taylor Musician

    Kate Taylor Musician

    Livingston Taylor Musician

    Nick Traina (1978-1997) Musician

    Townes Van Zandt (1944-1997) Musician, Composer

    Tom Waits Musician, Composer

    Brian Wilson Beach Boys Composer, Arranger.

    Amy Winehouse Singer

    Hugo Wolf (1860-1903) Composer

    Stevie Wonder Singer, Musician, Composer.

    Tammy Wynette (1942-1998) Musician, Vocalist

    Yanni Musician

    Faron Young (1932 – 1996) Musician, Singer

    And finally – a disparate group of people who play a critical role in my “Desperate Swans” script:

    Mark Lindsay Lead Singer for “Paul Revere & The Raiders”

    Kal Mollison Pilot & Lead Singer for “Sandcastle Theory”

    Glenn Norman Pilot & Screenwriter for “Desperate Swans”

    Danny Kaye (1913 – 1986) Pilot, Actor, Comedian, Singer of “The Ugly Duckling”

    And …

    Hans Christian Andersen Author of “The Ugly Duckling”

    Buhdee, buhdee,buhdee…

    That’s all folks.

    #92327 |

    You’re funny…thanks for the vote of confidence. I can so see Ozzy Osbourne and how his kids are probably as well. I know that ADD is genetic and that if 1 parent is add that the offspring has a 30% chance of having it but if both parents having the add gene that the offspring has a 50% chance of having add. wow we really need to education ourselves well and our partners so that our children can have a even better life than ours.

    Have fun…

    #92328 |

    Thanks Elizabeth.

    Ozzy & his kids are on my “B” list.

    That’s the one where I KNOW they have ADD, but they haven’t said so publically.

    (Tom Cruise is another. Bet he’d LOVE that. ROFL)



    PS: Just realized I accidentally outed myself two posts up. Duh. So much for anonymity. <vbg> Oh well. My name is Glenn Norman and I have ADD.

    #92329 |

    FEARwidg….Please to meet you Glenn…I appreciate that you can be proud to present yourself but after seeing a video on this site (with Rick – which I think is hilarious!)…about being anonymous on the web and beeing, and saying nuts thing with that anonymity…..I explain why I prefer a nickname…

    I personnaly still want to be anonmous because I still feel ashamed of things that I ‘m not able to do in my life because of ADD… since I’m not under good medications I cannot see the difference like you all seem to feel….I lost regurlar jobs (weel, I quit them in fact), I cannot pay my bills on time, feel sooo tired after cleaning the kitchen after supper (doh!), or simply washing clothes…because it can take me hours to get through…I know you can understand….

    SO, here on this site…i feel a bit better by reading you all…thanks!…..

    #92330 |

    Hey River.

    NO problem remaining anonymous.

    If I hadn’t pulled my “Duh” move, I’d have done the same … but after re-reading my last few posts, it’s pretty obvious who I am <vbg>

    Having said that …

    Yes, I DO understand all the points you raise,


    River, you have NO reason to feel ashamed. ADD is a GENETIC neorobiological disorder. It is NOT your fault. It’s just the cards you were dealt.

    It drives me crazy (so to speak <g>) when I see people being so sensitive and caring towards folks with physical disabilities, but so cruel towards those of us with Brain Chemistry problems.


    If there’s anything wrong with your body’s chemistry from the ears DOWN (diabetes or cancer, for example), people fall all over themselves trying to be supportive. But if your body chemistry problem is from the ears UP, for some reason folks think it’s okay to make fun and attach a stigma to it.



    Our bodies are nothing more than a mixture of chemicals, and sometimes those chemicals need adjusting.

    Just like Cancer. Just like Diabetes.

    It’s not their fault. And ADD is not our fault.

    And once you do get your ADD under control, you will find you can do things “normal” folks wouldn’t even attempt.

    I’ll tell you for a fact – I could not have achieved the things I’ve done in my life if I DIDN’T have ADD.

    You WILL get control of your ADD.

    Your life WILL be better.

    But you can’t do it on your own.

    Get good professional help from an ADD Specialist, get your Brain Chemistry problems straightened out with the right meds, then begin the next part of your life – the GOOD part.

    All the best & cheers till next time,


    PS: Hey! You have the same form of Dyslexia as me! You spelled personally as personnaly (I’m not showing off. I had to look it up <vbg>). I have exactly the same problem. If a word has two of the same letters, I’m never sure which two they are. Apalled, appaled, appalled – all look wrong to me. recommendation/reccomendation is another one. So is beginning/beggining. But, I can spell antidisestablishmentarianism with ease (and I can spell it out loud in 3.5 seconds! Go figure!!!)

    #92331 |

    Allright Fearwidg aka Glenn… I would never have noticed your name…I’d have to have read through all the post throughly…and you gotta know that is an ADD trait. Now, if you can can spell “antidisestablishmentarianism” backwards with your eyes closed and spinning then I’d be impressed. ;-) Otherwise, it doesn’t matter who we all are it really is about finding others who understand and can relate…sometimes it only takes a couple words, a long post, actors, leaders names or just provoking thoughts and ideas to create a positive feelings about ourselves that holds for the rest of our lives and changes how we think. I truly believe today I’m one day closer to “who knows” but I’m so excited about it.

    Enough serious…I can be funny!!!

    Why did tiger stick his head in the toilet?

    Because he was looking for Pooh.


    #92332 |


    Actually …

    Another weird “skill” (???) of mine IS to read words backwards almost as fast as forwards! (Used to entertain some of “my” ADD kids – when I drove for Children’s Aid – by reading signs backwards during our drives together. <g>)

    Don’t know about spinning, though I’ve muttered some pretty choice words while test-flying aircraft that wouldn’t come out of a spin (because they were built wrong).

    Well, they did eventually, or I wouldn’t be here. But I had one sucker spin more than a mile before I finally got it out. The ground sure was close. <g>

    Anyway … thanks for your comments, Htebazile.


    Gdiwraef/Nnelg Namron

    #92333 |

    Ahhh This is so good to read…. It makes me a heck alot better to chat with people are like me.

    River , I feel your pain some days, Cause those are the days that I am out in the zone. I have spent 15 years struggling in what I thought was the end of the road for me, In my 20’s I felt that I just couldn’t do it anymore, but something inside me said there is something on the other side of this dark tunnel and I have to get though it. And thanks to Oprah and Rosie for having shows on Add and Rosie admitting herself to having it , made me realized that its not so bad, Its actually good, whats bad is the lack of knowledge and stigma that society has towards mental differences that makes me furious. But with technology we have and people “outting” themselves it gets better…

    If it makes you feel better I am in my late 30’s and since I was 27 I have pretty much held a job per year since, a lot of Jobs, but nothing I either like or worked for me. I do this by myself, I am not on meds and don’t have a therapist either. If I had probably more structure I could probably flourish easier, but then I don’t think I would have had the ability in realizing my inner abilities that no one else has. (maybe other Adder’s)

    But saying that I find that structure is key, meds and therapy is key, and if I would have stayed in TO with Dr, Jain, things I know would have been different.

    I have done alot of reading about ADD and used those tools to help me get through it, but it comes to bite me back when I am having a moment. I just keep trying ..

    Thanks …

    On that note does anyone know anybody here in Ottawa for workshops and therapy?

    #92334 |

    Workshops or Therapy: Some branches of the LDAO (Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario) host Adult ADHD peer sessions. Linda Walker in Montreal is an ADHD coach. Online cognitive behavioural therapy can be assessed at moodgym.anu.edu.au This program was developed in Australia and is free!

    #92335 |

    Also – know it’s a long way from Ottawa, but don’t forget Rick & Dr. J’s Workshop on Feb. 27th. in Toronto.

    Details on “Events” above top left.

    We’ll be there. Hope to see (& MEET!) some of you then.



    #92336 |

    “Albert Einstein was obviously a genius … but he couldn’t maintain any sort of relationship and eventually lost the woman he loved.”

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think the idea that he couldn’t maintain relationships is true. Einstein married his second wife in 1919 and they marriage lasted until her death in 1936.

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