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Hey, Elizabeth – I’ll vote for you. <g>

ADDled – Yeah, I know about the hunter vs farmer theory. Would go with that, but I love animals (live with a whole whack of cats) & my partner’s a vegetarian, so I opt for the Swan vs Ducks analogy. <g>

And I agree – can’t work for Farmers/Ducks either (though we REALLY need them to work for us. Hey – someone’s got to do the paper work <g>).

tinascha – thank you so much for that link. GREAT to see Howie (a fellow Canuck) come out of the closet and admit what “we” knew all along.

abslt0 – I’ve built this list up over the past 10 years. Started with lists from reputable, online ADD sites. Then – every time I saw/heard something such as the Howie Mandel clip above – where the person THEMSELF admits to ADD – I added their name to the list.

Please note, as I stated at the outset, that this list contains all the people who’ve gone public over – not just ADD – but all Brain Chemistry Imbalances (though I suspect the vast majority are ADD). But thanks for asking because I believe you should question everything. I’m always saying to the kids I help, “There’s so much bad information out there that, when it comes to ADD – Question everyone – including me. If you want the truth, go find it out for yourself.”

BTW – if anyone knows someone who’s come out of “the ADD closet” and isn’t on my list please tell me (including source) so I can add them on.

Also … when I finally do get my movie, “Desperate Swans” made, I plan to contact all living people on this list to make SURE a) they really are ADD, and b) they’re okay having their name on the screen during the final credit sequence. (I imagine the Lawyers would demand that anyway. <g>)

(Actually … think I’ll hire a “duck” to do that. <vbg>)