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Hey River.

NO problem remaining anonymous.

If I hadn’t pulled my “Duh” move, I’d have done the same … but after re-reading my last few posts, it’s pretty obvious who I am <vbg>

Having said that …

Yes, I DO understand all the points you raise,


River, you have NO reason to feel ashamed. ADD is a GENETIC neorobiological disorder. It is NOT your fault. It’s just the cards you were dealt.

It drives me crazy (so to speak <g>) when I see people being so sensitive and caring towards folks with physical disabilities, but so cruel towards those of us with Brain Chemistry problems.


If there’s anything wrong with your body’s chemistry from the ears DOWN (diabetes or cancer, for example), people fall all over themselves trying to be supportive. But if your body chemistry problem is from the ears UP, for some reason folks think it’s okay to make fun and attach a stigma to it.



Our bodies are nothing more than a mixture of chemicals, and sometimes those chemicals need adjusting.

Just like Cancer. Just like Diabetes.

It’s not their fault. And ADD is not our fault.

And once you do get your ADD under control, you will find you can do things “normal” folks wouldn’t even attempt.

I’ll tell you for a fact – I could not have achieved the things I’ve done in my life if I DIDN’T have ADD.

You WILL get control of your ADD.

Your life WILL be better.

But you can’t do it on your own.

Get good professional help from an ADD Specialist, get your Brain Chemistry problems straightened out with the right meds, then begin the next part of your life – the GOOD part.

All the best & cheers till next time,


PS: Hey! You have the same form of Dyslexia as me! You spelled personally as personnaly (I’m not showing off. I had to look it up <vbg>). I have exactly the same problem. If a word has two of the same letters, I’m never sure which two they are. Apalled, appaled, appalled – all look wrong to me. recommendation/reccomendation is another one. So is beginning/beggining. But, I can spell antidisestablishmentarianism with ease (and I can spell it out loud in 3.5 seconds! Go figure!!!)