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Ahhh This is so good to read…. It makes me a heck alot better to chat with people are like me.

River , I feel your pain some days, Cause those are the days that I am out in the zone. I have spent 15 years struggling in what I thought was the end of the road for me, In my 20’s I felt that I just couldn’t do it anymore, but something inside me said there is something on the other side of this dark tunnel and I have to get though it. And thanks to Oprah and Rosie for having shows on Add and Rosie admitting herself to having it , made me realized that its not so bad, Its actually good, whats bad is the lack of knowledge and stigma that society has towards mental differences that makes me furious. But with technology we have and people “outting” themselves it gets better…

If it makes you feel better I am in my late 30’s and since I was 27 I have pretty much held a job per year since, a lot of Jobs, but nothing I either like or worked for me. I do this by myself, I am not on meds and don’t have a therapist either. If I had probably more structure I could probably flourish easier, but then I don’t think I would have had the ability in realizing my inner abilities that no one else has. (maybe other Adder’s)

But saying that I find that structure is key, meds and therapy is key, and if I would have stayed in TO with Dr, Jain, things I know would have been different.

I have done alot of reading about ADD and used those tools to help me get through it, but it comes to bite me back when I am having a moment. I just keep trying ..

Thanks …

On that note does anyone know anybody here in Ottawa for workshops and therapy?