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Re: FINALLY!! Diagnosed this week

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Welcome RitaFaye – I used to think I didn’t have the hyperactivity portion of ADHD until I saw that the hyperactivity changes over time from the “classic” physically hyperactive preteen to expressing itself such as having multiple unfinished projects, hobbies, always busy type.

So for example, adult hyperactivity sounds like this: I have several different types of paint purchased and waiting on different painting projects (some for years), engine and parts for several cars I own needing work (like at least seven – no eight), four or five radio controlled model planes awaiting assembly, piles of books to be read, videos to watch, tequila for margaritas I plan to mix up, …… remind you of anyone?

I think the tequila project will get completed first. Then there’s that project with the Meyers Dark Jamacian Rum.

Stardate 2455982.6431

Oh, and then there’s the record collection, the duet concertina I want to relearn, the drawings from yacht design school, and oh yes those five model ships I bought several years ago which I can put out after I get cases made and clean up the room where I want to display them, after I get that old computer going so I can play Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffa, ……………