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Re: FINALLY!! Diagnosed this week

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Hi RitaFaye! Welcome! I joined here a couple of weeks ago and find it a great site. Ah, what a relief to find people who understand!

So sorry to hear that your husband died. It sounds like you had a wonderful relationship. So often the super organized ones cannot wrap their heads around what we’re like.

I’m inattentive type too. I don’t daydream as much as I used to, but I think some daydreaming is a good thing. I think it feeds my creativity. I’m not sure what you mean by “talking in ellipses”. I know I zip from subject to subject and I know when I’m doing it again because of the baffled look on people’s faces as they try to follow. (What is the matter with them??) It’s taken me awhile to recognize that look.

I leave a trail of unfinished projects in my wake. (One of the reasons I hung my quilt on my wall – ok I got someone to hang it – is that I am so proud that I finished it.) Just looking around me know, I see 3 fun things that I bought the stuff fo months ago and they are still sitting on the dining room table. Also within sight is my stack of reading for school (motoring aklong through that at impressive pace on my new med Strattera) and the books/articles for my 3 overdue papers. To say nothing of the huge number of dust bunnies that need to be captured and sent packing. There is always something more appealing to do.

I was diagnosed about 2 years ago and have tried a few different meds, kind of late in life – I’m 51 now. I am also planning to enroll in yoga. Soon.

Congrats on finding someone who took you seriously. All the best!