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Re: Finding direction sucks when you don't have a compass

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Hello all Quick follow up………. Careers… I have had many mostly contracting outdoor stuff usually very physical……. I know it is hard but check out the videos here and I hate to say it …. Think of the future along with the present. We are active people and we are not young physically forever. In todays world (global economy) it is quite apparent that we will have to maintain a level of continuous education and learning or there is a good chance we will be left behind. There is nothing wrong with finding a job/carear to pay the bills but that does not prevent you from finding a hobby that you might turn into a career later down the road. Do not put the cart before the horse…. Looking for self employment in the USA? The Small Business Administration has a great government friendly website (now that is ironic) Also alot of states have small businesss development centers …. I KNOW IT IS HARD BUT TRUST ME….. take very small baby steps…… They have many resources and they will help (not do all the work though as it would then not be fulfiling for us with ADD). . SCORE is a volunteer organization as well that will help you greatly also. We have a lot of great ideas in our minds but unless you put a “plan” ( YIKES !) together there is a greater chance you will fail and it sucks when you do.OH I hait to recomend this sight but bank of america has a video on there website on starting a business (Very simple and it might give those that have not had a business a small glimpse into what is nec. and requird to get the ball rolling) Just like hear at Totally ADD a TEAM concept works well when starting a business and if you set it up well you might be able to make money, have fun and make money…..did I say “make money”and hopefully make your mark on our society……along with making money… I did say that didn’t I YEP checked I did……. Hey maybe you can hire or even join forces with other ADDR”S and build an empire !!!!!