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Re: First day on meds!

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Hey Carrie,

Sorry to hear it’s not really working for you, ….yet. I hope you get it figured out. I was quite sick today; upset tummy, even vomitting …yuck, sorry…, but my work day was quite efficient. My sickness is likely related to a bug…I don’t think its the meds. I’ll figure it out.

I dropped from 10mg, which I took my first day (yesterday) down to 5mg, twice today. I found myself quite buzzed yesterday but was much calmer today. I’m trying to get over bronchitis and a cold (maybe flu) and will hopefully get a good trial of the med again tomorrow…no wor but still have tons to do…I”m behind in taxes, have a dozen half finished projects, and lots of cleaning and organizing to do.

Yes, I love blues too. I’m a beginner on the guitar but like to howl on the harp …aka harmonica. .

Talk to you tomorrow.