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Re: First day on meds!

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Aww too bad your sick! Theres a bug going around here too! Both my kids have it! Fun!

I managed quite well after writing that post… I got my dishes done, folded all my kids laundry, started and kept the fire going and had lunch hot and ready for my husband when he got home from work! Thats the most of done in almost a year sadly! Now was this the meds or am I simply having a good day? I did do the laundry which is something I NEVER do, and did not find myself so distracted. I even got my daughter whos 4 into cleaning. We raced! She beat me by cleaning her room before I had the dishes done! My husband was very impressed, only time will tell if its the meds or just me! I also read on a different forum that Ritalin could take up to 2 weeks to really kick in… But all the other posts ive read say its instant! Ah well.. We will see!!

The harp is fun! I cant play, but ive jammed with others who play it! Always nice to meet fellow musicians!