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Re: First day on meds!

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Well I like to post my thoughts! It helps a lot! Today went better. No headache, and I noticed I made it downtown without any panic attacks when normally I do panic and dont get errands done, only because there is so much going on at once and so many things I need to remember, I just cant do it, but today I did!! YAY! I was in my own world happy and got everything I needed done! I wasnt rushed, I wasnt a panicked mess and was on time!

I have also been thinking about the 5mg and how I dont feel much of a difference, and I know that they will up the dose, and I guess my expectations oh that great big “AH HA” like for others will maybe come my way too! maybe not. I do feel small differeneces though, like the decreased anxiety, and Im a calmer. Im just so excited to get this treated I wanted it bing, bang boom! Im too impatient! hahaha goodness me eh. I was just a little upset in that previous post! But Ive thought it through and vented (in a nice way haha) to my husband which always helps me sort it out.