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Tiddler – YES, and even in PUBLIC!

I guess I”m not alone there, eh?

I went through the process with a neuro-psychologist. 4 hours worth of interview and testing.

Then last Friday, the follow-up.

WOW, did I learn a lot about myself!

I’m not only AHDH, I’m VERY ADHD. Near the top of his tests and chart.

Remember, medication isn’t a magic pill that cures or even improves ALL aspects of ADD/ADHD. It works differently on different people.

On Joe it might help symptoms a, c, d and g, and on Jane, it helps a, d, f and h.

Go get a formal diagnosis – too many things out there mimic ADHD! (and some require totally different treatments)

The neuro-psychologist showed me a whole list of things that have either the same or very similar symptoms.

The truly good ones will rule out all the other stuff first – THEN will move to a diagnosis.