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Wellbutrin Xl is working well (no pun intended) for me. Like most of us. I’m on a variety of meds for the comorbid conditions of anxiety and depression. I was changed to Wellbutrin from Effexor because the Effexor (someone please stop me) wasn’t having an effect any more. But as often is the case, what works well for one person doesn’t mean it works for another.

My psydoc has also added Lomotrigine as a mood stabilizer for a while now and that has worked extremely well. When I do get angry, it seems to be more under control. When I do lose it, I’m more aware at my point of losing it and am better able to diffuse the situation, such as choosing to avoid acting inappropriately.

No doubt therapy and coaching has helped, too. And in a lot of cases where we have to interact with people, pills aren’t enough. I think somewhere in this website is the mantra of “Skills, not pills”.

Live better through chemistry…..

Hope this helps…and good luck