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Re: frustrated -have ADHD and 2 children with it

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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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First of all, that’s amazing that you manage to squeeze all that in! ADHD or not,t hat’s a full schedule. (I know about the Dr’s appointments, I’m in the middle of scheduling 3 separate Doctor and Dentist appointments for my son when he’s home one day from university.)

A couple of thoughts. First, one big calendar, or schedule where everyone can see it. Bright, and colourful. With coloured markers. Each person has their own colours. Or each colour represents something different: Blue for Doctors, Red for Family. Green for School stuff.

Second thought, let go of expectations. Your life is not supposed to look like a commercial for air freshener where perfectly coiffed parents glide happily around their spotless, elegantly decorated living room with it’s big couches for lounging during the hours of spare time that comes from having a perfect life. You’re life is what it is. It may not be what you want, ideally, but that’s okay. There are things to strive for… no, scratch that…. there are goals to aim for… or simply work towards. However long it takes.

And ellemama, I can imagine your anger. The flip side of it is, of course, that’s she’s right. Of course we want to make sure our kids eat a good, healthy breakfast before school. Who wouldn’t want that for their kid? I love how the teacher is suggesting that this is something that you may never have thought of. “Wow, really? Yeah, great idea! Better than my carefully laid plan to cram crumbles into her mouth in a public panic.”

Good for you for not exploding, or sweetly replying, “Yes. And as a teacher you really need to make sure every kid you teach is engaged and learning so they never get less than an A and are never in trouble or forget their homework.”

When you can let crap like that roll of you, you will be bulletproof. It’s never about you. And though it’s hard for me to see it at the time, the other person actually does mean well. As I said, yeah, a good breakfast eaten at home rather than in school is a wonderful idea. So is world peace, religious tolerance and an affordable rubber cement that doesn’t turn into lumps that look like boogers.