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I have ADHD and have two kids with it, too.

My lifesaver for extra-curriculars was carpools. A soccer carpool, a swim carpool, religious study carpool, etc. God love other busy Moms–they need support too whether they have ADHD or not. If there isn’t one started, pass out a sheet to Moms who live around you and ask them to sign up. I gaurantee you that they will jump on it–and many of my closest friends started out as carpool Moms.

As for school and homework, I totally relied on their list of accomodations (sk). I no longer felt like I had to re-teach everything they learned at school. The list, whether on an IEP or a 504, is the MOST IMPORTANT list any ADD child can have. Teachers must follow it whether they like it or not.

One of my kids has dysgraphia and having to write out long pages of homework took forever and he didn’t learn doing it. His accomodations allowed us to cut back on written work by responding to fewer questions, or if he had to write a two page report he could cut it back to one page. Teachers who insisted that he complete work that he didn’t write would have him give oral resonse instead. He also learns better readfing info versus lecture style presentation. Teachers had to provide him with written notes if the info wasn’t in his text book. My other child is also LD and grammer and spelling are problematic. So she wrote everything phonetically (sk). If the teacher couldn’t figure it out then my DD read it aloud to her.

Get those accomodations!!!