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Oh boy do I ever know how you feel! My husband gets sooo frustrated with my housework allergy lol and despite all my best efforts I either end up leaving piles and piles accumulate or spend all day and night cleaning in a manic state with out eating, sleeping or taking a breath. PLEASE DON’T let yourself feel guilty about it. I know that before I knew about ADD when I would see a pile of clothes on the floor it bascially had aneon sign on it saying Sherri is a lazy piece of crap and a faliure as a wife and a person flashing on and off. Try to remember that alot of the negative feelings about yourself regarding this actually come from your own mind and the fact that he is expressing his frustration doesn’t necessarily mean that he thinks anything negative about you. Wow this is so much easier to tell someone else than to do your self. I need to start listening to my own advice lol

One thing I’m thinking of trying is putting on my fave music and working on it together chatting as we go. I think the worst for me is trying to do it alone and in silence as this gives my noisy brain the chance to distract me and also to get me down.