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ROFL!!!! Gotta love some of those answers!! Especially coming up with a great idea and not being able to see it through. It’s so me!

Easy – parallel parking….the whole process of learning how to drive completely overwhelmed me and I took forever to gain confidence in order to be ready to sit my test, so I had many opportunities to practice my parallel parking and I got really good at it.

Hard – following a boring conversation, especially at a party.

Easy – starting a really interesting knitting or sewing project

Hard – finishing same project because something more interesting has caught my interest and the initial project has become as dull as dishwater

Easy – being able to make everyone laugh with my “nurse” stories.

Hard – knowing when people have had enough of my “nurse” stories and are about to vomit their dinner up.

Easy – being able to argue any side of an arguement/debate and be convincing

Hard – making a decision and sticking to it (because I can argue myself into and out of anything!)

Easy – thinking of really interesting birthday gifts

Hard – remembering birthdays, and remembering to arrange a gift or getting motivated to make it/buy it/arrange it.

I REALLY hate being told that I fail at a task because deep down I really wanted to fail at it