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    I thought I would be fun to list the things that we find the hardest and the things we find the easiest to both know we are not alone in our challenges and recognize our exceptional qualities as well!

    Here are some of mine:

    Listening to someone go on and on with no apparent point without interrupting or showing signs of restlessness

    Trying to do the same repetitive task at work over and over with out making a mistake

    Holding back your frustration with the person ahead of you in line that is moving at the speed of molasses

    Being asked to take minutes (notes) in work meeting


    Forgetting something important on one of the many lists I can never find!

    Being asked by my husband where did you put _______ (any item) and drawing a complete blank!

    Making people wait for late old Me but not being able to wait without pacing and getting irritable

    Being asked to bake a cake “It’s easy you just follow the recipe!’ 😯

    Knocking things over all the time :(

    Having to sit silent and still in a meeting

    Parallel parking

    Having to be shown how to propely fold a shirt

    Being asked to speak more slowly grrrrrrr!!!

    Being told to “just calm down”,”just take your time”, “just focus”, “don’t be so careless” “don’t be so lazy”, “You know being late is really disrespectful” (basically being treated like a child when you are almost 30!)

    Never finishing/following through on projects whether cleaning, reading a book, anything

    People you love thinking you just don’t care enough to think before you speak, be patient with them, pay attention to them, etc…

    Being able to multitask better than anyone else at work!

    Always being able to come up with a solution that no-one else would think of!

    Being able to win any debate/argument!

    Being able to sense things that other people can’t

    Having many varied talents and interests

    Being spontaneous

    Being fun, entertaining, exuberant and lively!

    Ok guys let’s hear yours!


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    Easy: Come up with a great idea for a TV show, a home project, a book, an invention.

    Difficult: Getting the last 10% done so I actually have a finished TV Show, home project, book or invention.

    Easy: Making people laugh, entertaining, holding people spellbound.

    Difficult: Listening to other people talk who are not relentlessly entertaining and able to hold me spellbound.

    Easy: Contributing.

    Difficult: Being contributed too.

    Easy: Coming up with ways to make money.

    Difficult: Making money. Saving money. Keeping track of money.


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    ROFL!!!! Gotta love some of those answers!! Especially coming up with a great idea and not being able to see it through. It’s so me!

    Easy – parallel parking….the whole process of learning how to drive completely overwhelmed me and I took forever to gain confidence in order to be ready to sit my test, so I had many opportunities to practice my parallel parking and I got really good at it.

    Hard – following a boring conversation, especially at a party.

    Easy – starting a really interesting knitting or sewing project

    Hard – finishing same project because something more interesting has caught my interest and the initial project has become as dull as dishwater

    Easy – being able to make everyone laugh with my “nurse” stories.

    Hard – knowing when people have had enough of my “nurse” stories and are about to vomit their dinner up.

    Easy – being able to argue any side of an arguement/debate and be convincing

    Hard – making a decision and sticking to it (because I can argue myself into and out of anything!)

    Easy – thinking of really interesting birthday gifts

    Hard – remembering birthdays, and remembering to arrange a gift or getting motivated to make it/buy it/arrange it.

    I REALLY hate being told that I fail at a task because deep down I really wanted to fail at it


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    Here is my list.

    Easy: Starting a new project and racing through it like a maniac and there is a timer ticking down and I can’t let it stop.

    Difficult: Following all the sequences and taking the time to make sure that it is completed with complete accuracy and NEATNESS.

    Easy: Starting a cold conversation with a stranger.

    Difficult: Not butting into conversations that are happening between two or more strangers, in line, in a restaurant, on a bus, ect..

    Easy: Telling someone how to organize their house, life, bank account, driving instructions ect.

    Difficult: Actually following through on anything to organize any of the above.

    Easy: Telling a story that will have you rolling in the aisle.

    Difficult: Listening to you tell a story without commenting “blah, blah, blah, I don’t need to hear all the gritty details”and rolling my eyes. Keep it snappy and quick.

    Easy: Preparing a meal for 4 to 40 people at the last minute at your house.

    Difficult: Getting my house de-cluttered enough to have people over.

    Easy: Getting a job that I love.

    Difficult: Maintaining that love once I get started and it starts to get boring or people start making “constructive criticism”

    I can read books, (read the end first to see if I like where the story is going so I don’t “waste” my time on something I am not going to find very satisfactory.)

    I can do research on just about any subject. Remember the guy who used to tell you the rest of the story. Most of my life is like that, I have to know it all.

    I get phone calls in the middle of the day from friends who get lost because I can literally picture where they are if I have been there before or I can google map it and get them where they need to go.

    I am a walking trivia guide and I know lots of irrelevant things. I even remember enough to talk to your insurance company and they never even know it isn’t you.

    I am an innovator and I love to try new things.

    I will fight to the death for something when I know I am right, or winning.

    I love to be entertained.

    I am usually on time or early and don’t need to use a daytimer.

    I have a very good sense of direction and don’t usually get lost. I just explore a new way.

    I can sell ice to Eskimos.

    I am a little too competitive. Friends and family do not find it fun to play games with me. I am just a little too intense.

    I hate housework or routine things.

    I hate wasting my time on things that I didn’t find valuable.

    I can’t read a map.

    When things start to slip out of control they usually pick up speed and everything is thrown off.

    Clutter and disorganization messes with my brain wave patterns so when things get too far out of whack everything just seems to spiral out of control.

    Can’t sell anything to others without feeling guilty and responsible for any decision they made because of what I told them.

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