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Re: GAMES! Goals?

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Ooooooh Nellie! (I was waiting for an opportunity to say that. it just goes so good!) Good for you! Thats awesome! I will try hooks and having a special place for everything! Maybe if I become obsessive about where things are placed then they will stay! hahaha

Krazy – You sound like my husband. He has no sense of time. Hes either a hour to half hour early or hes late. And he really is. It irritates me when I ask him how long he thinks he will be… He tells me a half hour… 3 hours later hes still not home or done. So now when he tells me “uh… I think 20mins” I say “okay see ya in a few hours” hahaha I am a bit obsessive over time (how I coped with it) and so I am exact. My wrist watch is set to the exact time of my cell phone. My car is exactly 3mins ahead. Then my alarm clock is exactly 9mins ahead. I am very fussy about time. If I dont have my watch on I lose track of time, so I make sure to wear it. I am very lost without it. I remember while in highschool timing my music from my CD player to the exact time it took to get to school. I had the order of songs it would be, I would keep track of the half way point and what time we left and when we got there. Im such a loser hahaha

No Dopamine – I like that idea of breaking it up. I think thats whay im going to do tomorrow first thing in the morning. Spend 30mins on my laundry. Then 30mins digging up the Lilacs I was suppose to today! Im going med free this week, and so far its just been funny the changes ive seen!

Oh oh oh!!! I LOVE sticky notes!! I am going to write one up RIGHT NOW so as soon as I wake up BAM!!! My goals for the day! That way I wont forget! I always forget!

I now work Wednesday, the day I set my goal to get things done on. Starting tomorrow will eat a bit of the laundry, then Wednesday do a good bulk, Thursday, tie it all up!